IT support for you Dallas based company


IT Support for Your Dallas Based Company

We can handle all of your IT business challenges.  Prototype:IT has been offering companies in and around Dallas as well as companies throughout the country services of technology support.  Our highly experienced IT project managers and consultants can offer you assistance in many ways:

  • We can and will be an extension of your IT team.
  • We can and will ensure the smooth running of your infrastructure.
  • We can and will provide security for your information.
  • We can and will provide you with a custom package of solutions designed to meet all your needs.

We can and will do all this by supplying you with the necessary tools and resources.  Our team will be dedicated to the building your business’s success.


Prototypeit:IT Support Services

Our IT support services include providing networks and servers.  We will also support your business with troubleshooting applications.

When you are a customer, you will be able to access the IT support center in several ways:

  • By Submitting an IT Support Ticket – You would access the IT support center instantly through our login “submit a ticket” button at our site online to use our e-Jacket Ticket System.
  • By Phone — You could speak to one of our Customer Service Agents by calling us or by clicking the “call us” button at our site online.  Tracking the status of your support through the ticket number you receive from our customer service representative keeps you up-to-date.
  • You Could Email Us – By clicking on the “contact us” button at our site online and submitting the form provided by indicating the support “subject” and answering the question, “What can we help you with?


Prototype:IT’s Managed Services

Our engineers can provide your business a set of skills that are vast and unique support solutions that would be a significant asset to your organization.  Our engineers are extremely competent in Cisco, Aruba, Microsoft, Ruckus and Citrix applications.

Highlights of Our IT Support – website

Our IT support offers:

  • A help desk with three engineer tiers.
  • Engineers that are qualified by possessing multiple certifications across vast verticals.
  • Support solutions that are customized to your organization’s needs.

Since we are a full service managerial service provider, we can support your business in many ways.  If your business has an IT team, we can provide them assistance with a help desk, project services, monitoring security and network management.

Our Tier 1 Help Desk is managed by our highly skilled engineers who are especially suited to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.  As a customer, you would be supported by our Tier 1 engineers by phone, email and remote assistance.  Tiers 2 and 3 are also available for high level issues.

When pests infest your Columbus home call an expert to get them under control!


pest controlIt is often a bit overwhelming when you consider the number of pests that may attempt to invade your home. However, there are effective measure that can be pursued to eliminate such problems. If you are facing issues with insects or rodents in your dwelling, you should avail yourself of the services of a professional Columbus pest control website company that can help you eliminate such problems and prevent them from reoccurring.  Below are the three most common household pests and how you can recognize them through the damage they cause:


Rats are a common pest problem during summer. Although unpleasant to think about, rat infestations are not as uncommon as you may think. Rats are attracted to virtually any type of food and will chew extensively to reach something they find appealing.

Shredded cereal or cracker boxes, or other containers that look as if they have been gnawed on are a sure sign that at least one rat has invaded your dwelling. Additionally, you should look for rat droppings, the latter of which look like small black pellets. They are typically found at least several feet away from where you discovered the aforementioned signs of gnawing.


Termites are probably one of the most troublesome pests in existence. Although there is often no rhyme or reason to which home they choose to invade or the season in which they plan their attack, there is a marked increase in termite activity throughout the summer.

If such insects go undetected, they can cause considerable damage to your home in a short amount of time. The most obvious sign that termites may be on the premises is tiny wood shavings for which there is no other explanation.


Cockroaches particularly enjoy warm weather, as they thrive in hot, moist environments. The best way to discover if cockroaches are present is to suddenly open the door under your bathroom or kitchen sink or similar dark, wet place where such insects are known to gather. The sudden burst of light will cause them to scatter, thus alerting you of their presence.

There are many home remedies and natural ways of dealing with pest invasions. However, it is always wise to seek professional help if a serious infestation has occurred. Therefore, if you are facing problems with insects in your home, do not delay. Rather, contact a pest control Columbus specialist as soon as possible.

Pest control is a huge problem in Raleigh NC


The Pest Control Services Raleigh Has Available

pest controlIt’s not that the pest control services in Raleigh NC has to offer are not up to par, because they absolutely are! If you weren’t aware, it seems as if most of the other cities and towns in North Carolina have the lowest pest and insect problems in the entire nation. This includes the Outer Banks, Charlotte, and other towns in between.

Replanting Their Beloved Trees – Are They Part of the Problem?

The reason that Raleigh pest control services Website has to offer can’t get the infestations under control that well is because Raleigh is a very old city surrounded by trees on all sides. In 1996, Hurricane Fran destroyed the beautiful pine and oak trees all over and many landed onto rooftops and into power lines.

You would think that this would be a good thing for the city. Instead they made a decision to replant. Now, the city is able to boast about it’s fruitful tree planting efforts, 14 years later. The outskirts of the city seem to fade right into the blissful greenery creating a peaceful aura.

The Tranquil U.S. City

This is why many people want to move to city, even if insects and bugs are rampant and difficult to kill – for the serenity and beauty. However, if you do not want to leave this beloved city, and who would, then get a hold of the pest control services in Raleigh employs and request their assistance immediately.

The high humidity levels in the south, especially in the summertime, will prevent a variety of insects from dying, and their eggs will continue to hatch. In order for bugs, spiders, and other insects to die off, humidity levels must be very low.

Raleigh offers it’s residents a beautiful serene environment, along with balmy summer nights. The bad part is the bugs, but that’s just a matter of nature and whether or not you can keep yourself and your family protected in the midst of it all.

Kayak rentals with friends are so much fun in Sarasota FL


kayak rental

Sarasota, FL is the perfect place to kayak with a friend. Its glorious waters let you see the area from an entirely new perspective. Take advantage of one of afternoon kayak tours to explore gorgeous bays, mangrove tunnels and natural estuaries. Kayakers will find glorious sandbars and manatees as well. You never know what kind of cool and interesting wildlife you’ll see when you’re out on the water.

With kayak rentals locals and visitors can also partake in guided kayak eco tours to view everything on the water. The Little Bay and South Lido are especially popular destinations thanks to their fantastic mangrove tunnels that teem with wildlife and other natural wonders. As progress through these unbelievable mangrove tunnels, they’ll connect to natural estuaries that contain tropical birds, fish, manatees, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and even dolphins.

Kayaking is the perfect opportunity for families to get out of the house and into nature. Both kids and adults will feel comfortable on a kayak. Kids can wear coast guard approved life vests and everyone can have a whistle. Youngsters who are afraid of boarding the kayak will be put at ease with the help of experienced tour guides. Everyone will love the clear and shallow waters that allow to see right into the water.

Perhaps the best part about kayaking is that it enables you to paddle your way towards aquatic animals and features that you spot in the distance. It’s a bit like water based treasure hunt. It can even be hands on experience if you want it to be. Feel free to search for starfish and sea urchins. You can even reach down to pick them up from the bay bottoms. Feel the unique texture of sea cucumbers and watch them liquefy. Shift your gaze upwards and you’re likely to see diving pelicans or diving osprey along with a diverse group of other birds that are scouring the waters for their next meal.

The waters allow to relax while catching some rays and getting away from the madness of urban life. When you are out on rentals , you’ll realize just how nice life can be. You’ll smell the scent of salt in the air and feel the refreshing water on your skin as you peacefully traverse protected waters. It is an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Factors Gas Prices Play in Fleet Tracking Return On Investment


gas price fleet trackingHigh gas prices dictate the way many companies do business. Companies maintaining a fleet of vehicles can’t afford to let fuel prices affect their bottom line. Many businesses invest in fleet tracking to help them maintain the economical edge in this era of expensive fuel costs. The price of fleet tracking pays for itself in terms of the fuel savings enjoyed by the company. The return on investment for tracking technologies occurs by the following:

Routing Efficiency

By using this fleet tracking technology, companies are able to determine the most efficient routes for their drivers. Quicker, shorter routes translate into less fuel consumption. Dispatching vehicles to a destination near their current location also saves money by avoiding the use of an additional vehicle. Reduced fuel costs allow the company to retain more money for other expenditures.

Addressing Inefficient Drivers

Employees come from all walks of life and all types of driving backgrounds. Many company drivers operate fleet vehicles as they do their own personal vehicles. Others do not take the business’ economical concerns seriously. Either way, driving at excessive speeds or unnecessarily accelerating quickly produce higher fuel costs. Tracking allows the company to monitor driving behavior to take corrective action when necessary. Use of this technology helps businesses create a uniform style of driving that ensures that fuel costs are minimized.

Info on Wear and Tear

It is well known that poorly maintained vehicles will use more fuel. Tracking allows companies to keep track of mileage and other wear and tear. This allows the company to schedule maintenance sessions at regular intervals to maximize fuel efficiency and extend the life of the vehicle.

More on Gas Prices

The fluctuation of gas prices is always a factor in the ROI of fleet tracking. This summer alone saw an 0.9% increase in gas prices from the same time last year. Quarter 2 of this year saw a 1.7% increase in pricing when compared to the previous year. Although they might seem like minuscule changes, they affect high mileage vehicles most. As prices continue to rise, fleet managers will have to rely more and more on tracking technology to help them rein in costs.

How does daycare assistance work for Raleigh families


daycare centerWhen you decide to take your child to daycares in Raleigh NC, you want to be sure that your child enjoys social and educational services. An affordable and good childcare service will give your child the best opportunity to run, play and enjoy his or her stay in a specialized daycare center Here is how assistance works.

At a center, you will be able to provide your kid with an option to practice art, dance, and more with the help of professional trainers who have the skill needed. In addition, a facility will help your child grow into a creative and all-round person full of confidence and personality.

A sure indicator that your child has been enrolled in a the right child care center is when your child returns home excited and desires to go back to his or her classes the following day.

In a wonderful daycare facility, your child will not be limited to possibilities and opportunities for the development of his or her personality. A top priority center is that which will offer specialized early childhood education programs that can help meant your child into an adult you want. It is only when you enroll your child in a rich learning environment that your child will achieve his or her full potential socially and academically.

At a daycare, there are incredible and loving day care professionals. Their top priority is to provide your child with a fun, safe and an educational environment for the time your child will be at the facility. These experts will be there to offer special needs for children who require special learning and social needs. These facilities also offer affordable care for children who suffer from developmental needs. A facility will be always ready to give your child with quality services at affordable prices.

A daycare center is a place that has been designed to build your kid’s educational foundation through a state-certified education program. Their early education is designed to prepare your child for pre-school, primary education and beyond.

Selecting the right service can be daunting and parents need to perform due diligence before deciding to enroll your loved one. A good daycare service will bring up your child into an all round child that will not only have the confidence to handle life issues, but also grow as a social being.

When to Get Help From a Workers Compensation Lawyer


compensation lawyerDealing with an injury is never an easy thing to do, especially if you get injured in the workforce.  You may have been working one day, and without even knowing it, the working environment may not be up to standards.

For Severe Injuries

If you have injured yourself at work, and it’s a severe injury that requires you to take a trip to the hospital, it’s best to get help from a workers compensation lawyer.  Your work may not be willing to pay for your medical expenses, and they should because they may be at fault.

They may have created an unsafe working environment for all of the employees, so because of their negligence, you get injured.  Your workers compensation attorney will make sure your work compensates you financially, so you don’t have to worry about paying for your medical bills, which tend to get expensive by

Work Denies Workers Compensation 

One of the most important reasons why you would need a lawyer to help you deal with your case is when your work denies you workers compensation entirely.  They may not feel like they are responsible for your injury.  This causes you pain and stress because your injury may be so severe, that you can’t get back to work any time soon.

You need money to live, which is what workers compensation is for.  Thanks to a lawyer, your work will be taken to court, where they will have to give you compensation, as they were the ones responsible for your getting injured in the first place.

Thanks to a workers compensation attorney, you will be able to deal with these injuries in an appropriate manner.  No longer will your work being able to take advantage of your pain and anguish, which may be severe.

Reasons to Use Aluminum Fences in Raleigh


If you are trying to decide what type of fence you want to install around your home, there are plenty of choices on the market.  Aluminum fence Raleigh is one such option.  And here are several reasons why an aluminum fence is a great choice to make.


aluminum fenceAluminum fences cost less than wrought iron and other materials.  Aluminum fences are manufactured and they are standard and that brings the cost down.  If all you want to do is surround your yard without thinking about appearance or other issues, is the least expensive way to do so.


A material that does not rust like iron or other items.  It also stands up against the test of time.  The best estimation is that it will take well over 10,000 years for aluminum to disintegrate.  You will not have to worry about replacing or repairing your fence due to rust.

-Low Maintenance

Does not have to be painted or treated like wood or wrought iron.  There are already protective coatings on the material that will allow you to avoid the maintenance any other material would have to have every few years.

-Curb Appeal

Also looks great and can go with any style of landscaping as well as any home.  It is versatile and simply fits in no matter what the aesthetics around it might be.


With spear top pickets, fences are harder to climb than other fence materials.  That gives you more security for your property.


Aluminum fencing can go up and down hills and adjust to the landscape of your property without leaving big gaps at the bottom.  They bend enough to accommodate any changes.

If you want aluminum fence has plenty from which to choose.  You can even look into railings and other items to go along with your fencing.  Aluminum is a high quality material that will look great and can stand the test of time with very little maintenance on your part.  If you need a fence, it is a great material to choose.

Fleet tracking systems can provide accurate information in real time


vehicle fleet trackingGPS fleet tracking systems are used for a variety of reasons in the transportation industry. They improve logistics and can help establish new, more cost effective routes. They are also beneficial in helping customer service representatives in tracking orders for their clients.


GPS tracking systems placed on rigs and other types of transport vehicles can monitor several things in relation to the load itself, the route taken and the driver’s habits. A few of them include:


  • Check the status of a load
  • Determine approximate arrival time
  • Locate a driver/load that may be lost due to a storm or breakdown
  • Monitor usage of fleet property


Customers will occasionally call for a status on a particular load or product shipment. Fleet tracking systems can provide them accurate information in real time and give them a general idea as to when they can expect delivery. GPS systems are designed to calculate estimated time and arrival on a continual basis, so the customer service agent is able to check any travel data in real time.


Another key benefit of this type of vehicle tracking system is the ability to immediately locate a rig and driver. If the driver becomes ill, the truck breaks down or is lost due to bad weather, the accuracy of the system can locate them within minutes
. This gives search and rescue personal the information they need to arrive on the scene a short period of time.


Considering Your Collision Repair in Raleigh


collision repairAll of the sudden it happens, an accident and now you are wondering what to do and you need collision repair immediately because you need to get back on the road. Accidents are never wanted and while you may be in shock all of the sudden you are faced with collision repair decisions.

There are some great body shops in Raleigh, NC and they do repairs within your budget and your insurance budget with the best repair in mind your estimate is their top concern. While you are recuperating from your accident you need to feel that you’re is in the best hands because your car collision repair should not be your main concern.

Getting better and feeling better and taking care of yourself should be your main concern. Finding the best is the decision because once you do then you can concentrate on the important things like getting back on the road and getting back to work .You need to be able to trust that your vehicle is in trustworthy hands.

Your needs are important and making sure you are not charged for extra parts that are not needed or repairs that you do not need are also important.  Some shops will do this and keep your car and make as much money as they can on supplements on your car repair. So make sure to find the best shop to take care of you and your car.